Debunking Common Myths About Truck Parts

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Breakdowns are inevitable whether you’re a solo driver who bought a truck and works on contracts or you have a business with an entire fleet of trucks. Sourcing your truck parts can be a bit difficult, and there are plenty of myths out there that an unfortunate number of people believe.

Debunking Common Myths About Truck Parts

Here at Linn Auto Parts Unlimited Inc., we’ve been in the auto industry since 1967, so we’ve heard just about every rumor and misguided belief there is. To help prevent the spread of misinformation and alleviate some anxieties that our customers may have about buying truck parts, we’ve compiled this list of common myths and the facts that you actually need to know.

  • Price matters most. While staying within your budget is important, you should avoid buying truck parts based solely on price. A part’s value is often determined by its availability, and it’s important to remember that there is value in the promptness of the repair as well. If a part is cheaper than some other options, but  it’s going to take weeks to arrive, the lost time likely negates those savings.
  • Fleet managers should source their own parts. In the internet age, it’s incredibly easy to source truck parts with a quick search and a few clicks. Unfortunately, quality assurance is extremely lacking, and buying online without knowing how to assess the quality of a truck part runs the risk of buying an inferior part that will break down sooner and risk the driver’s safety. Using a reliable company that knows how to source quality parts protects you and your truck.
  • Rebuilt and remanufactured are synonymous. In short, rebuilding takes damaged parts and fixes what’s known to be wrong. Remanufacturing disassembles the entire part, and each component is individually tested to ensure it can properly perform its job.