Our Knowledgeable Sales Team Can Help

Our Knowledgeable Sales Team Can Help

Turn to Greenwood, LA's experts for auto repair insight in the Shreveport, LA area

Don't waste money on mediocre parts. You deserve the best. Linn Auto Parts has connections with truck repair companies and car manufacturers. We can find the perfect replacement parts for your vehicle. We also provide a free delivery service to auto repair shops in the area. To discuss auto part sales, call 318-938-7966 right away. We can place a custom order on your behalf.

Linn Auto carries:

  • Replacement parts for foreign and domestic automobiles
  • Replacement parts for big trucks
  • Tools and equipment for repairing automobiles
  • Custom hydraulics and AC hoses
  • Turning drums and rotors

Through a partnership with Bumper to Bumper, Linn Auto Parts has access to three warehouses that stock over $50 million in inventory, making the availability of parts unlimited and allows us to find the perfect replacement part. When you order from our preferred group of distributors, you'll receive a nationwide warranty.

Other Services:
  • Industrial Accounts
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Auto Service Center Accounts

3 ways to save money on car repairs

Remember these auto repair tips, and save some cash:

  1. Always ask for a free estimate - make sure your mechanic provides a breakdown of all necessary parts and labor.
  2. Prioritize preventive maintenance - if you schedule routine tune-ups, you can avoid major repair expenses.
  3. Order discounted parts from Linn Auto - we have our own line of affordable car and truck parts.

To request additional information about our inventory, reach out today.